Dear Readers,

Racism. According to my history class, I used to believe it ended a long time ago, but it’s still going on. Everyday from walking down the street to watching the news. I am Chinese, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh. I always felt very proud of my mixed culture until I started middle school. In the sixth grade, my peers thought that I always did well in academics because I was Asian. For a while I started to believe that at one point even though I knew in my heart, it wasn’t true. I couldn’t relate to any other Asian girls because I was the only one at my school. I felt alone, but then I saw a Hispanic friend getting bullied because they thought she smoked weed. Then I realized that it wasn’t just my race, but all being stereotyped. We are all the human race even though we have different backgrounds, ages, genders, and sexual orientation. That’s why it’s important to stand up for who you are because you were born this way for a reason.


Ariel 🙂


Hi :)


Dear Readers,

Hello, my name is Ariel Tan and I am a part of the Global Girl Media Los Angeles Summer Digital Media Academy, 2015. I am 14 years old and I’m going to be a freshman in high school. I decided to join this program because I am interested in topical subjects and I would like to share my voice with the world. I live by the beach; that’s why I’m so tanned all year round. I enjoy reading a variety of books, playing musical instruments, and singing. I appreciate art from exploring different museums to my outfit choice. I love traveling and I aspire to be an activist for a cause I will be truly passionate about. So this is a little introduction to me and I’ll be writing soon!

Yours Truly,

Ariel ❤